New Product Westtech CL190

The Woodcracker CL 190 presents Wesstech the latest cutting head of the proven C-Series. The light and agile design is suitable for trees with a diameter of up to 19 cm in hardwood and 25 cm in softwood. You can find more information about this machine at

tree-shear-cl190-041 woodcracker-cl-190-nah-1030x686 woodcracker-cl-190-crackt-1030x686 woodcracker-cl-190-bagger-vorn-1030x686 tree-shear-cl190-061 tree-shear-cl190-011 tree-shear-cl190-031 tree-shear-cl190-051 baumschere-cl190-021 baumschere-cl190-011 woodcracker-cl-190-crackt-1030x686