KRPAN Forestry Trailer with Crane


KRPAN forestry trailer has a double frame for improved torsional strength and is equipped with a patented sliding boogie axle that can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor cabin without using tools. With the empty trailer or even at maximum load during the transport, the center of gravity and the load weight on the trailer can be adjusted and as the result, the load on the tractor is optimised. Steerable drawbar can be moved by two hydraulic cylinders at the angle of 40 degrees to both sides. The trailer comes standard with hydraulic brakes on all 4 wheels, pneumatic brakes being an option. Additional drives are optional as well. 18 layer tyres of high quality are mounted to the wheels with reinforced rims, valves are protected. Loading area extension is standard and enables loading of longer loads. Cranes can be mounted onto the trailer or connected to a tractor with the three-point hitch. When on the trailer, the crane has its own hydraulic system with the cast-iron pump of high capacity to ensure quick and reliable operation. “Flap down” or narrower A stabilizers are possible. All cranes come standard with the grab GR 130 and the 45 kN rotator. Considering the lifting capacity and the range, KRPAN cranes belong to the highest rang of their class. Complete line of KRPAN grabs is made of fine-grained steel STRENX 700 with HARDOX 450 blades.